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Quad training only, hamstrings and calves on a separate day

February 3, 2024

Why I find this method more optimal for growth

AT frontdouble.com, we want as many training routines, programmes, tips and methods as possible to share with our bodybuilding community. Yes, that includes quad training.

We invite you to record your sessions on our forum, which is part of our premium access for just £2.99 a month. There you can log training and diets and start discussion, with like-minded people, rather than under the glare of social media.

As founder and editor, I have started logging some sessions of my own, as I begin the journey towards the NABBA Britain Masters Over 45.

This site is most definitely not about me, however, and I hope many of my fellow competitors can share some of their methods going forward.

So here is a little snippet from my training journal on the forum, plus some video footage from the session:

It's roughly 18 weeks until the NABBA Britain on June 1 at St George's Hall in Bradford.

Full prep will likely begin the first week in March. I concentrated on a hard rebound out of the UK show and that phase ended about three weeks ago. I put on about two stone [28lbs or so] and I'm still quite lean. I'm expecting a decent jump in stage weight again this time around. I came in roughy 14lbs heavier for the UK show.

Today, Tuesday, was quads. I split my leg training into two sessions; quads, then hamstrings and calves later in the week.

I'm currently training with one of my clients, a 31-year-old called Nathan Taylor, who has bags of potential; big, long muscle bellies, rugged look, excellent shape. He will be an top Class 2/Medium bodybuilder once he gets to the stage.

This quad session is outlined on the forum. Caveat: I'm 47 and I have to manage my knees; I fear one or both of them is going to pop any time soon. 

Nutrition wise, my quad days are always high days. I will outline these down the line but they consist of lower protein; 30g per meal over six meals. Carbs are 200g pre and post, then 175g for the remaining meals. The sixth and last meal is a cheat meal. But by then, I'm pretty stuffed.

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