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BPA Scottish Grand Prix, April 21, 2004 results:

Overall men's bodybuilding

Alex Johnstone (below)

Overall female

Zoe Miller

1st: Broghan Kirk
1st: Neil Kerr
2nd: Darren Sterrick
Masters Bodybuilding 40-49
1st: Kevin Milne
2nd: Matt Henderson
Masters Bodybuilding 50-59
1st: Alex Leadbetter
Masters Bodybuilding Over 60
1st: Jame Murphy
2nd: Derek Wilson
3: Tom Devers
Classic Bodybuilding
1st: Alex Johnstone
2nd: Mark Finnegan
3rd: Kevin Milne
4th: Nicholas Crannell
Bodybuilding Open up to and inc 80kgs
1st: Atif Afzal
2nd: Darren Sterrick
Bodybuilding Open up to and inc 100kgs
1st: Chris Bayne
Junior Men's Physique
1st: Dylan Cahill
Masters Men's Physique Over 50
1st: David Lawson
2nd: Phillip Earley
Junior Bikini
1st: Kama Donald
Masters Bikini 35-39
1st: Lisa Fulcher
Masters Bikini 40-49
1st: Lyndsay Gallacher
Masters Bodyfitness/Figure
1st: Jolene McComiskie
Classic Physique
1st: Mark Finnegan
2nd: Alex Johnstone
3rd: Nicholas Crannell
Men's Physique Under 179cm
1st: David Lawson
Men's Physique  Over 179
1st: Dylan Cahill
2nd: David Campbell
Bodyfitness/Figure Open
1st: Zoe Miller
Bikini Open
1st: Abbie Hammond
2nd: Kama Donald
Muscular Men's Physique
1st: Paulo Emanuel Rocha Silva
2nd: Ryan Gibson
1st: Courtney Buchan

PCA Scotland, April 14, 2024 results:

Overall winners

Men's bodybuilding: Tomasz Roman

Ladies Figure Overall: Nicole Montgomery

Men’s Physique Overall: Dylan Guthrie

Ladies Bikini Overall: Catriona Stott

Mixed disability

1st: Broghan Kirk

Junior Bodybuilding

1st: Matt Warren

2nd: Lewis Sutherland

3rd: Logan Thomson

4th: Ross Nicolson

5th: Connor Cooper

Novice Bodybuilding

1st: Neil Rennie

2nd: Scott Little

3rd: Matthew Mckeegan

4th: Martyn Laing

5th: Kris West

Classic Bodybuilding Short

1st: Daryn Robb

2nd: Mark Finnegan

3rd: Brandon Guthrie

Classic Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Alex Johnstone

2nd: Mark Sweeney

3rd: Christopher Duncan

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40s:

1st: Tomasz Roman

2nd: Del Honeyman

3rd: Chris McGinn

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50s:

1st: Derek Wilson

2nd: Alex Leadbetter

3rd: Matthew O’Neil

4th: Tom Devers

Mens Bodybuilding Short

1st: Alex Morrison

Mens Bodybuilding Medium:

1st: Chris Bayne

2nd: Hamish Maguire

3rd: James Parker

Mens Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Alasdair Macleod

Ladies Toned Figure:

1st: Nicole Montgomery

2nd: Daryl Mckeating

3rd: Zoe Miller

4th: Amy Ledger

Ladies Athletic Figure:

1st: Louise Cooper

2nd: Caitlin Smith

3rd: Lucy Taylor

4th: Pamela Mccaig

5th: Ashleigh Wright

Ladies Trained Figure

1st: Jess Rees

2nd: Lynn Greenlees

Junior Men’s Physique:

1st: Conner Macgregor

2nd: Jason Ferguson

Masters Men’s Physique:

1st: Neil Allen

2nd: David Killick

3rd: Ross Deuchar

Men’s Physique Short:

1st: Dean Nicholson

2nd: Isaam Cherayett

3rd: Johny Benson

4th: Tyler

6th: Ryan Gibson

Men’s Physique Tall:

1st: Dylan Guthrie

2nd: Fraser Kelly

Ladies Wellness:

1st: Ivana Reale

2nd: Chloe Jackson

3rd: Ana Dragu

Ladies Junior Bikini:

1st: Nicola Thompson

2nd: Abbie Williams

3rd: Alex Lough

4th: Kama Donald

Ladies Masters Bikini:

1st: Denis O Donovan

2nd: Rachelanne Hillan

3rd: Michelle Scott

NABBA Scotland, April 13, 2024 results [INCOMPLETE – Full results requested from NABBA]:

Overall winners

Men's bodybuilding: Neil Binnington

Ladies Figure: Layla Allen

Men's Over 45 bodybuilding

1st: Neil Binnington

Men's Sport Shorts Open

1st: Dean Nicholson

Classic Physique

1st: Dean Nicholson

Ladies Trained Figure

1st: Layla Allen

PCA Saxon Classic, April 7, 2024 results:

Men's Bodybuilding Overall: Ryan Gomes

Ladies Figure Overall: Maxine McQuillan

Men’s Physique Overall: Adam Nugent

Ladies Bikini Overall: Hollie Mansfield

Men’s Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Johnny Reid

Men’s Bodybuilding Medium

1st: William Oldhams-Good

2nd: David Cray

Men’s Bodybuilding Short

1st: Ryan Gomes

2nd: Sam Hardwick

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50s:

1st: Tony Obyrne

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40s:

1st: Marc Davis

Classic Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Lewis Emmanuell

2nd: Thomas Rhodes

3rd: Lewis Barker

Classic Bodybuilding Short:

1st: Derek Guo

2nd: Riz Hussain

3rd: Anthony Barton

4th: Thomas Jones

Novice Bodybuilding:

1st: Neil Rennie

2nd: James Cooke

3rd: Dan White

4th: Jamie L Hearfield

Junior Bodybuilding:

1st: Elliot Minnett

2nd: James Galloway

Men’s Physique Tall:

1st: Matthew Coney

2nd: Dan Holbrook

3rd: Scott Morgan

Men’s Physique Short:

1st: Prince Affui

2nd: Carl Drabble

Masters Men’s Physique

1st: Adam Nugent

2nd: Dharm Singh

3rd: Emyr Jones

Junior Men’s Physique:

1st: Will Matthias

2nd: Sabin

Ladies Trained Figure:

1st: Maxine McQuillan

Ladies Athletic Figure:

1st: Terri Barrett

Ladies Toned Figure:

1st: Carey Hubbard

Ladies Bikini Tall

1st: Sara Hotchkiss

2nd: Ellie Skidmore

Ladies Bikini Short

1st: Karoline Lo Thong

2nd: Beatrice Benson

3rd: Paula Fabeni Borges

Ladies Masters Bikini (over 35):

1st: Denise O Donovan

2nd: Katarina Fikke

Ladies Junior Bikini:

1st: Viktoria Palusova

2nd: Chloe Bailey

Ladies Wellness:

1st: Hollie Mansfield

2nd: Lorena Lewins

IBFA Granite City, April 7, 2024 results:

Overall Winners
Zoe miller
Chris Bayne

2Bros Ben Weider Classic, April 6, 2024 results [INCOMPLETE RESULTS]:

Overall Open bodybuilding: George Lukas Behringer [wins IFBB pro card]

Overall Classic bodybuilding: Brandon Hinton [wins IFBB pro card]


1st: George Lukas Behringer

2nd: Matt Tofton

3rd: Nathaniel Heckles


1st: Kovacs Ervin


1st: Nader Za

Classic bodybuilding

1st: Brandon Hinton

PCA First Timers, March 30, 2024 results:

Overall bodybuilding champion: Thomas Jake Rhodes

Overall figure champion: Nicole Montgomery

Overall men's physique champion: Samuel Kemp

Overall bikini champion: Viktoria Palusova

Mixed Disability:

1st: Zach A H Chapman

Junior Bodybuilding:

1st: Thomas Jake Rhodes

2nd: Daniel Talabi

3rd: Patrick Buxton

4th: Ross Nicolson

5th: Emir Kis

Classic Bodybuilding Tall:

1st: Lewis Barker

Men’s Bodybuilding Short:

1st: Danny Noble

Men’s Bodybuilding Medium:

1st: Alex P Newnham

2nd: Zubair Awan

3rd: Alexander Lewis Jay

4th: Quaid Shah

Men’s Bodybuilding tall

1st: Joe Appleby

2nd: Martin Nettleship

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40s:

1st: James Barnes (above)

2nd: Naresh Naresh

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50s:

1st: Sean A Scanton

2nd: Craig Dockerill

Ladies Toned Figure:

1st: Nicole Montgomery

2nd: Hayley Marks

Ladies Athletic Figure

1st: Deborah Cowell

2nd: Caitlin Smith

3rd: Samantha Wilson

Ladies Trained Figure:

1st place: Kimberley Higgins (above)

Junior Men’s Physique:

1st: Adam Loftus

2nd: Ponprasad Ragavan

3rd: Sabin Hodzic

4th: Jason Ferguson

Masters Men’s Physique:

1st: Stuart Cassidy

2nd: Lee Clarke

3rd: Emyr Jones

4th: Lee Shott

5th: Adam Hasley

6th: Andrew Mills

Men’s Physique Tall:

1st: Andrew Horne

2nd: Baz Brown

3rd: Matthew McCabe

4th: Christian Abi-Farah

Men’s Physique Short:

1st: Samuel Kemp

2nd: Ioan Jones

3rd: Matthew Cranfield

4th: Matheus

Ladies Wellness:

1st: Isabel Gothard

2nd: Jamie Louise Loader

3rd: Lauren Charlotte Hill

4th: Rachael Turrell

Junior Bikini:

1st: Viktoria Palusova

2nd: Chloe Bailey

3rd: Megan Jackson

4th: Libby Pierce

Ladies Bikini Short 

1st: Tamsin Johnson

2nd: Natalie Duncan

Ladies Bikini Tall:

1st: Abi Griffiths

2nd: Ashton Alderson

3rd: Rebecca Spalding

Ladies Masters Bikini:

1st: Elizabeth Nield

2nd: Katarina Fikke

3rd: Rebecca Spalding

2Bros Kingdom Classic, March 23, 2024:

Men's Overall: Nathaniel Heckles

Classic Physique: Brandon Hinton


GBA results will appear here this season.

NABBA results: Some area reps have replied to requests for results, while others have not. Frontdouble.com will try to update results where possible.

UKBFF have not replied to requests to provide results from their shows.

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