Bodybuilding results

PCA Natural Championships, June 8, 2024 results:
Overall Bodybuilding: Max O’Dwyer
Overall Bikini: Abi Courage
Overall Men's Physique: Brad Cocksedge
Overall Figure: Laura Saukaityte
First Timers Bodybuilding
1st: Oisin Lee
2nd: Mitchell Graham Walters
3rd: Josh Baron
Junior Bodybuilding Short
1st: Julian Cheung
2nd: Jacob Tipper
3rd: Harry Blackburn
4th: Louis Dempster
5th: Alex Kotsogiannis
6th: Joe Curle
Junior Bodybuilding Tall
1st: Conran D’Amiral
2nd: Cameron James Gorman
3rd: Oscar Joseph Baker-Chesworth
Novice Bodybuilding
1st: Janaid Rehman
2nd: Sunny Dattani
3rd: Dan Clibbon
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Short
1st: Kris Constantinou-Coulter
2nd: Ahmed Romdhane
3rd: Luke Francis
4th: Tobias Wood
5th: Christian Hawkins
6th: Neil Mcmechan
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding Tall
1st: Max O’Dwyer
2nd: Christopher Dolan
3rd: Lewis Claughton
4th: Samuel Lancaster-Burton
5th: Ben Prytherch
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters Over 40
1st: Anthony Taylor
Men’s Bodybuilding Masters Over 50s
1st: Ian Stevenson
Men’s Bodybuilding Short
1st: Jack Watson
Men’s Bodybuilding Medium
1st: Tom Gee
Men’s Bodybuilding Tall
1st: Danny Haydock
2nd: Edward Davison
Ladies Toned Figure Short
1st: Abi Courage
2nd: Zoe Miller
3rd: Ainsley McLean
4th: Sophia Giovanna Krywycz
6th: Lauren Sewell
Ladies Toned Figure Tall
1st: Kamila Abugreen
2nd: Tash Turner
3rd: Chloe Young
4th: Melissa Crawford
5th: Tarnya Mitchell
Ladies Athletic Figure
1st: Tasha Ferre
2nd: Magdalena Razminiene
3rd: Maggie Turner
4th: Lucy Anne Freeman
5th: Mary Carol Dixon
Ladies Trained Figure
1st: Giusy Sansone
2nd: Alison Warner
Junior Physique
1st: Cameron Bowell
2nd: Matthew Woolf
3rd: Josh Davies
4th: Cameron Hockley
5th: Myron Vanstone
6th: Jamelle Hooper
Masters Men’s Physique
1st: Albert Foresynthe
2nd: Drew Lewis
3rd: Phillip Morris
4th: Sean Moorcroft
Men’s Physique 4
1st: Abraham Iwakun
2nd: Alan Jeeves
4th: Giovannis Hannadjias
5th: Anh Quoc Pham
6th: Min Higgins
Men’s Physique 3
1st: Bradley Cocksedge
2nd: Bk Sibanda
3rd: Theodore White
4th: Grant Baggotts
5th: Prince Affui
Men’s Physique 2
1st: Mo Samuels
2nd: Jamie Butwell
3rd: Junior Sodamola
4th: Kealan Wickes
5th: Edward Taylor-Brown
Men’s Physique 1
1st: Marty Lazarov
2nd: Vladi Lazarov
3rd: Wayne [no surname given]
4th: Aurimas Tumkevicius
Ladies Wellness
1st: Hatidza Weller
2nd: Cara Jones
Ladies Junior Bikini
1st: Jessica Underwood
2nd: Viktoria Palusova
Ladies Masters Bikini Short
1st: Suelen Oliveira Dos Santos
2nd: Sarah Wayman
3rd: Victoria Hilton
4th: Kayte Short
5th: Kerrie Ryan
Ladies Masters Bikini Tall
1st: Ellen Manning
2nd: Michelle Scott
3rd: Laura Boswell
Ladies Bikini Short
1st: Kelsey-Jo
2nd: Divya
3rd: Jade Breedon
Ladies Bikini Medium
1st: Lisa Barrett
2nd: Rachel Cheyne
3rd: Natasha Rogers
4th: Shelby Dover
Ladies Bikini Tall
1st: Laura Saukaityte
2nd: Lisa Kelly
3rd: Megan Branch
Ladies Bikini Trained
1st: Amy Smith
2nd: Meganne Male
3rd: Mathilde Tisserand

PCA Hampshire, June 2, 2024 results:
Overall men: Ross McCarthy
Overall bikini: Emily Green
Overall men's physique: Sameer
Overall figure: Tasha Ferre
Bodybuilding Short
1st: Jake Watts
Bikini Short
1st: Brooke Brown
2nd: Eden [no surname given]
Physique Short
1st: Sameer
Athletic Figure
1st: Aga Aga
Classic Short
2nd: Hosea Fernandez
Bikini Trained
1st: Emily Green
Masters Physique
1st: Levi DuCran
Masters Bikini
1st: Katie Laura Burnett
2nd: Kerry Janeway
Classic Tall
1st: Jonathan Griffiths
Junior Bikini
1st: Jessica Underwood
Masters 50
1st: Ian Flynn
Toned Figure
2nd: Chloe Danielle
Bodybuilding Medium
1st: Matt Pitman
Classic Short
1st: Ross McCarthy

NABBA Britain, June 1, 2024 results [class and overall winners only supplied - NO PICTURES ALLOWED]:
Bikini Open: Sophie Occleshaw
Bikini Over 35: Elaine Rea
Novice Toned: Brooke Pritchard
Mens Sports Physique Open: Jonathan Fan
Mens Sports Physique Over 45: Jason Bond
Classic: Gavin Morris
Teenagers: Alfie Sergeant
Juniors: Dan Hall
Masters Over 45: Del Honeyman
Masters Over 55: Andy James
Class 3: Adam Wilton Hickey
Class 2: Tim Rosiek
Class 1: Matt Griggs
Toned Figure: Ainsley McLean
Athletic Figure: Helen Casey
Trained Figure: Layla Allen
Novice: Edwardo Oliveira
First Timers: Lee Turton
Ladies Overall: Layla Allen
Men's Overall: Adam Wilton Hickey

PCA Universe, Hull, May 26, 2024 results:

Overall Men’s winner & new PCA Pro: Kaya Yusuf [below]

Overall Physique Champion & new PCA Pro: Tony Yem

Figure Overall Champion & new PCA Pro: Frankie Fernandes

Overall Bikini Champion & new PCA Pro: Christie Hands

Mixed Disability

1st: Shiraz Arif

2nd: Broghan Kirk

3rd: Tony Bennett

Junior Bodybuilding

1st: Kaya Yusuf [wins PCA pro card]

2nd: Harry Langabeer

3rd: Matt Warren

4th: Cam Young

5th: Lewis Graham

6th: Logan Thomson

Classic Bodybuilding Short

1st: Cameron Cleaver

2nd: Mark Istvan

3rd: Jonathan Cuenca

4th: Tom Holborn

5th: Ross McCarthy

6th: Henrique Forchezatto Sanvezzo

Classic Bodybuilding Medium

1st: Matt Smith

2nd: Tamas gyori

3rd: Ismael Garcia Martin

5th: Lewis Emmanuell

Classic Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Jacopo Alessandrini

2nd: Darren Malaly

3rd: Jai Green Mills

4th: Mohammed Mohammadi

5th: Marcus Hano

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40

1st: Nader Za

2nd: Gabor Debreczeni

3rd: Ricky Moore

4th: Manuel Leon Breviati

5th: Del Honeyman

6th: Karl Lee

Bikini short

1st: Catriona Stott [wins PCA pro card]

Bodybuilding medium

1st: Danny Baldwinson

3rd: Lee Buchanan

UKDFBA, NBW Classic, May 26, 2024 results:

Overall Women’s winner: Abi Courage

Overall Men’s Bodybuilding winner: Jacob Tipper

First Timers Men’s Bodybuilding, Class A

1st: Julian Cheung

2nd: Ryan Wade

3rd: Ben Bedford

First Timers Men’s Bodybuilding, Class B

1st: Jordan Coyle

2nd: Paul Bennett

3rd: Connor McKay

Teenage Bodybuilding

1st: Jacob Tipper

2nd: Solomon El-Shirbinyp

3rd: Archie Macer

Junior Bodybuilding

1st: Sourabh Issac

2nd: Dovardas Baranauskas

Masters Bodybuilding

1st: Nick Richardson

GrandMasters Bodybuilding

1st: Jonte Williams

2nd: Lorne Brown

3rd: Rob Peckham

UltraMasters Bodybuilding

1st: Courtney Smith

2nd: Michael Rust

First Timers Women’s Figure

1st: Stella Anania

2nd: Mary Greham

3rd: Olivia Stevenson

Masters Figure

1st: Ali Warner

Open Women’s Figure

1st: Abi Courage

2nd: Chloe Young

3rd: Ainsley Mclean

First Timer Classic Physique, Class A

1st: Jordan Ball

3rd: Marcus Austin

First Timer Classic Physique, Class B

1st: Lewis Claughton

3rd: Kris Constantinou-Coulter

Open Women’s Physique

1st: Olivia Stevenson

Women’s Bodybuilding

1st: Leanne Short

2nd: Pamela Fellows

Open Classic Physique

1st: Ivan Tanczos

2nd: Sam Lancaster

3rd: Frank Oshikoya

Open Men’s Bodybuilding

1st: Nathan Harwood

2nd: Leon Campbell

3rd: Junaid Rehman

First Timer Men’s Physique Class A

2nd: Theo White

3rd: Adam Rrustemaj

PCA Universe qualifier, Hull, May 25 2024 results:

Bodybuilding overall: Kaya Yusuf

Ladies Bikini overall: Christina Hands

Men’s Physique overall: Lee Fenton

Ladies Figure overall: Francesca Fernandes-Relva

Mixed Disability

1st: Shiraz Arif

2nd: Russell Wells

Junior Bodybuilding

1st: Kaya Yusuf

2nd: Lewis Graham

3rd: Cory Wright

Novice Bodybuilding

1st: Sam Haysom

2nd: Phillip Wright

Classic Bodybuilding Short

1st: Tom Holborn

2nd: Ross McCarthy

3rd: Aurélien Sepho

4th: Joey Farrell

5th: Zsolt Szabo-Garai

6th: Stuart Rowe

7th: Dalton Tomlinson

9th: Franscesco Lazzarin

Classic Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Matt Smith

2nd: Jacopo Alessandrini

3rd: Darren Malloy

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40

1st: Nader Zareinoor

2nd: David Baldry

3rd: Wojciech Nowak

4th: Michael Hodgson

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50

1st: Detlef Schmidt

2nd: Christian Winkler

3rd: Carlo Bernascone

4th: Andy Lawley

Men’s Bodybuilding Short

1st: Jonathan Smith

Men’s Bodybuilding Medium

1st: Danny Baldwinson

2nd: Matthew Celaire

3rd: Ash [No surname given]

4th: Chris Bayne

Men’s Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Johannes Lieberich

Ladies Toned Figure

1st: Tasha Ferre

2nd: Leah Dawson

Ladies Athletic Figure

1st: Francesca Fernandes-Relva

2nd: Eniko Kovacs

3rd: Debra Husband

Ladies Trained Figure

1st: Lindsay Shawa

2nd: Franca La Ganga

3rd: Lysianne Frassinetti

Junior Men’s Physique

1st: Federico Zanini

Masters Men’s Physique

1st: Albert Foresythe

2nd: Andrew Barkes

Men’s Physique Short

1st: Lee Fenton

2nd: Danny Hands

3rd: Marcin Siankowski

Men’s Physique Tall

1st: Josh Warner

2nd: Brandon Hoban

3rd: Ryan Williams

Ladies Wellness

1st: Dolly Mortimer

2nd: Anne Marie Williamson

3rd: Irina Bozenkova

4th: Emma Kotas

Ladies Junior Bikini

1st: Viktoria Palusova

2nd: Izzie Lusted

3rd: Jessica Underwood

4th: Fiona Stokes

Ladies Bikini Short

1st: Helen Peebles

2nd: Madison Reeve

3rd: Emily Green

4th: Gemma May Davis

5th: Charlene Nokes

Ladies Bikini Tall

1st: Christina Hands

2nd: Nicola Mahon

3rd: Alexandra Lilley

Ladies Masters Bikini

1st: Nadezda Arhipova

NABBA South and South East, May 19, 2024 results:

Overall men: Danny Baldwinson

Overall women: Claire Love

1st: Corey Wright
2nd: Sam Maclean
Men's Physique
1st: Ahmed Nuwarah
Men's Physique over 45
1st: Wes Morgan
Masters over 55
1st: Alan Howard
Miss Novice Toned
1st: Helen Taylor
2nd: Tammy Marsden

PCA First Timers (3), May 19, 2024 results:
*At least one athlete disqualified because they had competed before. PCA do not disclose identities.
Ladies Bikini Overall: Riva Siggins
Men’s Physique Overall: Aurimas Tumkevicius
Ladies Figure Overall: Abi Courage
Men’s Bodybuilding Overall: Rory Pickford
Mixed Disability
1st: Tony Bennett
Junior Bodybuilding
1st: Joe Curie
2nd: Harry Blackburn
3rd: Ethan Harris
4th: Christopher John Smith
5th: Conran D’amiral
Classic Bodybuilding Short
1st: Rafail Kotridis
Classic Bodybuilding Tall
2nd: Jai Green Mills
3rd: Christopher Dolan
4th: Matt Lobb
Masters Bodybuilding Over 40s
1st: Neil Vaughan Jones
Men’s Bodybuilding Short:
1st: Daniel Layzell
Men’s Bodybuilding medium
1st: Rory Pickford
2nd: Sarbast Ahmad
Men’s Bodybuilding Tall
1st: Jake Bradbury
2nd: Ayden Kaye-Lee
3rd: John Gilchrist
Ladies Toned Figure
1st: Abi Courage
2nd: Tash Turner
3rd: Magdalena Razminiene
4th: Tarnya Mitchell
Ladies Athletic Figure
1st: Kate Fayers
Junior Men’s Physique
1st: Josh Davies
2nd: Alan Betkowski
3rd: Abu Khaled Miah
4th: Matthew Woolf
Masters Men’s Physique
1st: Aaron Wanklyn
2nd: Andrew Tighe
Men’s Physique Short
1st: Joe Galloway
2nd: Tom Goodman
3rd: Matthew Lowery
4th: Christian Hibbert
5th: Reuben Wilford
Men’s Physique Tall
1st: Aurimas Tumkevicius
2nd: Alex Harbrow
3rd: Michael Ekagha
Ladies Wellness
1st: Sophie Jayne Henry
2nd: Cara Jones
3rd: Hatidza Weller
4th: Ellie Brigden
5th: Sophie Green
6th: Diana Nagy
Ladies Junior Bikini
1st: Phoebe Sagar
2nd: Francessca Heyes
3rd: Alisha Cheetham
Ladies Masters Bikini
1st: Becky Lattimore
2nd: Ellen Manning
3rd: Sibel Osman
4th: Kirsty Wallis
5th: Anastasija Mieziene
Ladies Bikini Short
1st: Leanne Morley
2nd: Jade Breedon
3rd: Lacey Collins
4th: Divya
5th: Lisa Barrett
Ladies Bikini Tall
2nd: Katie Martin
3rd: Izabella Tinca
4th: Molly Vasey
Ladies Trained Bikini
1st: Amy Smith
2nd: Christine Stanbridge

IBFA Mr and Miss Rhondda, May 18, 2024 results [incomplete]:
Tall Classic Winner & Overall champion: Leigh Cook
Ladies Athletic figure & Overall champion: Tracey Knowles
1st: Anthony Fudge
Tall class
1st: Lee Marsh
Masters over 40
1st: Mark Swayne
Masters over 60
1st: John Young
Class 3
1st: Matthew Barry
Men's physique
1st: Mark Winder
Bikini over 40
1st: Cat Homolka

PCA North East, May 12, 2024 results:
Men's bodybuilding overall: Lee Buchanan
Women's Figure overall: Kat
Men Physique overall: Kirk J L O'Brien
Women's Bikini overall: Elaine Rea
Junior Bodybuilding
1st: Scott H
2nd: Harry Cosgrove
Masters Bikini
1st: Elaine Rea
3rd: Mai Remy
Bikini Tall
1st: Toni Edwards
Junior Bikini
1st: Sophie Hyman
Physique Tall
1st: Kirk J L O'Brien
Trained Figure
1st: Kimberley Higgins
Masters Over 40
1st: Ricky Moore
Bodybuilding Medium
2nd: Jay Davies
3rd: Matt Tofton
4th: Leon John
Toned Figure
1st: Charlotte [no surname given]
Athletic Figure
1st: Kat [no surname given]
Novice Bodybuilding
1st: Sam Haysom

NABBA Midlands, May 12, 2024 results:
Overall Miss: Sophie Occleshore
Overall Mr: Mark Watterson
Miss Bikini: Sophie Occleshore
Miss Trained Figure: Sarah Chapman
Teenager: Ethan Dowell
Juniors: Leon Gilboy
Men's Sport Physique: Niall Moore
Men's Classic Physique BB: Mark Watterson
Masters Over 45: Darrn Kirk
Masters Over 55: Andy Lawley
Novice: Madasar Maroof
First Timers: David Close
Mr Class 3: Matthew Seddon
Mr Class 2: Tomasz Zokimski

2Bros Scottish Championships, May 11, 2024 results:

BPA Rising Stars and Masters Allstars, Brierley Hill Civic Hall, May 5, 2024 results:
Overall women: Alexandra Underdown
Rising Stars
Masters Men's Physique 40-49 
1st: Agam Saini
Masters Bikini 35-39
1st: Heather Ashley Jones
Classic Bodybuilding
1st: Joseph Benton
Masters Bikini 40-49
1st: Elizabeth Hornsby
Open Men's Physique 
1st: Allan Bell
2nd: Agam Saini
Muscular Men's Physique 
1st: Scott Pugh
Masters Bodyfitness 35-39
1st: Sarah-Kay Tushingham-ford
Open Bikini
1: Lauryn Jade Mannion
Masters Allstars 
Masters Men's Physique 40-49
1st: Carlo di Carlo
2nd: Agam Saini
Masters Men's Physique 50+
1st: Andrew Taylor
2nd: Philip Earley
Masters Bikini 35-39 
1st: Alexandra Underdown
2nd: Dana Rotaru
3rd: Charlotte Cliffe
Masters Bikini 40-49
1st: Elizabeth Hornsby
Masters Bikini 50+
1st: Ann Fraser
2nd: Heidi Parkinson
Masters Bodybuilding 40-49
2nd: Nader Zareinoor
Masters Classic Bodybuilding
1st: Gavin Morris
2nd: Ryan Evans
Masters Bodyfitness 35+
1st: Virginija Mazintiene
2nd: Helena Gomm
3rd: Sarah-Kay Tushingham-Ford
Wellness 35+
1st: Irina Bozenkova
2nd: Penny Davies
Masters Bodybuilding over 50
1st: Steve Howarth
3rd: Ryan Evans
Masters Bodybuilding over 60
1st: Shaun Hannan
2nd: Andy Batty

NABBA North, Sunday, May 5, 2024 results:

1st: Harry Clarke

Novice Toned
1st: Brooke Pritchard
2nd: Eleanor Long

First Timers
1st: Lewis Moore
2nd: Paul McDonald
3rd: Michael Alan
4th: Cameron Slade

Novice Mr
1st: Neil Rennie
2nd: Darren Wilde

Over 35 Bikini
1st: Elaine Rea
2nd: Jade McDonald

Open Miss Bikini
1st: Elaine Rea
2nd: Ashleigh Jackson
3rd: Sophie Hyman

Masters Over 55
1st: Garry Adamson
2nd: Keith Bathgate
3rd: Mark Bennett
4th: Hywel Griffiths

Miss Toned Figure
1st: Rachael Turnbull
2nd: Brooke Pritchard
3rd: Eleanor Long

Open Men's Physique
1st: Liam Homer
2nd: Alex Grey

Masters Over 45
1st: Timothy Snowdon
2nd: Lee Greaves
3rd: Garry Timony
4th: Scott McKenzie

Men's Classic
1st: Garry Elliot
2nd: Timothy Snowdon
3rd: Brad Douglas
4th: David Errington

Class 3
1st: Leon Murphy
2nd: Trevor Johnson

Trained Figure
1st: Layla Allen

Class 2
1st: Tim Rosiek
2nd: Chris West
3rd: John Mark Wardle

Class 1
1st: Richard Foster

Overall Miss
Elaine Rea

Overall Mr
Tim Rosiek

Best Judges [out of 11 judges]
1st: Darren Blackburn
2nd: Rachael Watkins
3rd: Pauline Welch

NABBA Wales, May 5, 2024, results:

Ladies overall
Zoe Hodgkinson (above)

Men's overall
Przemyslaw Sicinski (above)

Men's Sport Physique Open

1: Ryan Williams
2: ⁠Joshua Maddison
3: ⁠Dee Calderon

Sport Physique Over 45

1: Huw Yearsley
2: ⁠Simon Jones
3: ⁠Marc Stephenson

Classic bodybuilding

1: Leigh Cook
2: James Phillips
3: ⁠Jacek Krzyzewski

Masters bodybuilding Over 45

1: Przemyslaw Sicinski
2: ⁠Mark Swayne
3: ⁠Marc Davies

Masters bodybuilding Over 55

1: Lee Edwards
2: ⁠Gary Read
3: ⁠Andy Carfield

Teen bodybuilding
1: Adrian Sicinski

Junior bodybuilding
1: Anthony Fudge

Bikini Open

1: Zoe Hodgkinson
2: ⁠Sophie Ellis
3: ⁠Gemma Thomas

Bikini Masters Over 35
1: Gemma Thomas
2: ⁠Yvette Calderon

Toned Figure
1: Katherine O’brien

Trained Figure
1: Tracey Knowles
2: ⁠Michaela Lewis

First Timers bodybuilding
1: Matthew Barry
2: ⁠Damian Comben
3: ⁠Daniel Jones

Novice bodybuilding
1: Craig Hamer
2: ⁠Liam Davies
3: ⁠Chris Nelson

Class 3
1: Jacek Krzyzewski

Class 2:
1: Leigh Cook
2: ⁠Tomas Zielinski
3: ⁠Scott Turner

Class 1:
1: Przemyslaw Sicinski
2: ⁠Lee Marsh
3: ⁠Craig Hamer

PCA North West, May 5, 2024, results:

Ladies Bikini overall: Leah Davies

Men’s Physique overall: Jonathan Allon

Ladies Figure overall: Laura Dale

Men’s Bodybuilding overall: Jamie Harrison

Junior Bodybuilding

1: Cam Young

2: Harry Langabeer

3: Ben Owen Robson

Novice Bodybuilding

1: Gavin Harding

2: Karl Davies

3: Daniel Taylor

4: James Browns

5: Kyle Cooper

Classic Bodybuilding Short

2: Cameron Cleaver

3: Haydon Woodcock

4: Thomas Jones

5: Lewis Turner

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40

1: Dean Hope

Classic Bodybuilding Tall

1: Ian James

2: Patryk Puk

Classic Bodybuilding Short

1: Jamie Beadle

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50

1: Paul Madden

Men’s Bodybuilding Medium

1: Karlton [no surname given]

2: Lee Buchanan

3: Luke Missing

4: Alex Newnham

5: Tymoteusz Artur Tigelski

Men’s Bodybuilding Tall

1: Jamie Harrison

2: Kyle Jones

Ladies Toned Figure

1: Leanna Clark

Ladies Athletic Figure

1: Laura Dale

2: Kat Stone

3: Sophie Goodaker-Green

Ladies Trained Figure

1: Lauren Martin

Junior Men’s Physique

1: Dylan Cahill

Masters Men’s Physique

3: Andy Cooper

Masters Men’s Physique

1: Lukasz Pas

2: Tony Obyrne

Men’s Physique Short

1: Jonathan Allon

2: Matheus Moreira Rueda

3: Justin Mills

4: Ryan Connor Whiteley

5: Mohammed Hussain

Men’s Physique Tall

1: Jake Rowell

2: Fraser Kelly

3: Finley Holmes

Ladies Wellness

1: Helen Lockwood

2: Daisy [no surname given]

3: Emma Kotas

4: Courtney Buchan

5: Jamie Louise Loader

Ladies Junior Bikini

1: Viktoria Palusova

2: Gemma Davis

Ladies Masters Bikini

1: Lisa Walsh

2: Nicole Sturgess

3: Natalie Elise Sayer

4: Lucia Skypalova

Ladies Bikini Short

1: Laurie Fell

2: Georgina Brown

3: Helen Osguthorpe

4: Tanisa Khullar

Ladies Bikini Tall

1: Jessica Nixon

2: Imogen Williamson

3: Gemma Marks

4: Katie Cooper

5: Jade Roycroft

Ladies Bikini Trained

1: Leah Davies

PCA First Timers, St Alban, April 27, 2024, results:

  • Two athletes disqualified due to not being 'first timers'. PCA have not released their names.

Men's bodybuilding overall: Dan Kingham

Overall figure champion: Precious (precyfitness)

Overall Physique champion: Darius Francis

Overall bikini champion: Georga Brown

16 Year Old Junior Bodybuilding

1:  Joseph Butterworth

Bodybuilding Short

1: Jakee Keirle

Bodybuilding medium:

1: Daniel Kingham

2: Grant De luca

3: Karl Davies

Masters Over 50

1: Farid Kernal

Bikini Trained

1: Leah Davies

Men's Physique Tall

1: Darius Francis

2: Kieran Quinn

Junior Physique

1: Clive Tufuor-Ofosu

Athletic Figure

1: Precious (precyfitness)

Classic Tall 

1: Nana Duah

Bikini Short 

1: Ciara Flockhart

3: Gewel D

Masters Bikini 

1: Szilvia Huszar

Junior Bikini

1: Charlie Gratrick

Bikini Tall 

1: Georga Brown

2: Simona [no surname given]

3: Millie Martin

Classic Short

1: Marcus Knight

Trained Figure

1: Laura F.I.T

BPA Scottish Grand Prix, April 21, 2024 results:

Overall men's bodybuilding

Alex Johnstone (below)

Overall female

Zoe Miller

1st: Broghan Kirk
1st: Neil Kerr
2nd: Darren Sterrick
Masters Bodybuilding 40-49
1st: Kevin Milne
2nd: Matt Henderson
Masters Bodybuilding 50-59
1st: Alex Leadbetter
Masters Bodybuilding Over 60
1st: Jame Murphy
2nd: Derek Wilson
3rd: Tom Devers
Classic Bodybuilding
2nd: Mark Finnegan
3rd: Kevin Milne
4th: Nicholas Crannell
Bodybuilding Open up to and inc 80kgs
1st: Atif Afzal
2nd: Darren Sterrick
Bodybuilding Open up to and inc 100kgs
1st: Chris Bayne
Junior Men's Physique
1st: Dylan Cahill
Masters Men's Physique Over 50
1st: David Lawson
2nd: Phillip Earley
Junior Bikini
1st: Kama Donald
Masters Bikini 35-39
1st: Lisa Fulcher
Masters Bikini 40-49
1st: Lyndsay Gallacher
Masters Bodyfitness/Figure
1st: Jolene McComiskie
Classic Physique
1st: Mark Finnegan
3rd: Nicholas Crannell
Men's Physique Under 179cm
1st: David Lawson
Men's Physique  Over 179
1st: Dylan Cahill
2nd: David Campbell
Bodyfitness/Figure Open
Bikini Open
1st: Abbie Hammond
2nd: Kama Donald
Muscular Men's Physique
1st: Paulo Emanuel Rocha Silva
2nd: Ryan Gibson
1st: Courtney Buchan

PCA South West, April 20, 2024 results:

Overall men's bodybuilding champion: Ryan Gomes

Overall bikini champion: Adrienne Cottrell

Overall men's physique champion: Adie Mann

Overall figure champion: Terri Barrett


1: Peter Copsey

Junior Bodybuilding
1: Archie Macer
Bodybuilding Medium

1: Aaron Galvani

2: Matt Fortis

3: Rich

Bodybuilding Short

1: Ryan Gomes

2: Joe Hobbs

3: Leon Campbell

Classic Bodybuilding Short

1: Delsj

Classic Tall

1: Gary Crosby

Men's Physique Tall

1: Jack Storer

Men's Physique Short

1: Prasad Ragavan

Masters Physique

2: Ron Kemp

Bikini Tall 

1: Sarah Keenan

2: Rosie Elizabeth Brown

Bikini Short

1: Georgia Parker

2: Lexi Grant

Junior Bikini

1: Natalie Michaela


1: Rachael

Masters Bikini

1: Adrienne Cottrell

2: Louise Bertram

3: Dr Lauren Bull

Athletic Figure

1: Terri Barrett

2: Chloe McMullan

Toned Figure

1: Lou Harwood

PCA Scotland, April 14, 2024 results:

Overall winners

Men's bodybuilding: Tomasz Roman

Ladies Figure Overall: Nicole Montgomery

Men’s Physique Overall: Dylan Guthrie

Ladies Bikini Overall: Catriona Stott

Mixed disability

1st: Broghan Kirk

Junior Bodybuilding

1st: Matt Warren

2nd: Lewis Sutherland

3rd: Logan Thomson

4th: Ross Nicolson

5th: Connor Cooper

Novice Bodybuilding

1st: Neil Rennie

2nd: Scott Little

3rd: Matthew Mckeegan

4th: Martyn Laing

5th: Kris West

Classic Bodybuilding Short

1st: Daryn Robb

2nd: Mark Finnegan

3rd: Brandon Guthrie

Classic Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Alex Johnstone

2nd: Mark Sweeney

3rd: Christopher Duncan

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40s:

1st: Tomasz Roman

2nd: Del Honeyman

3rd: Chris McGinn

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50s:

1st: Derek Wilson

2nd: Alex Leadbetter

3rd: Matthew O’Neil

4th: Tom Devers

Mens Bodybuilding Short

1st: Alex Morrison

Mens Bodybuilding Medium:

1st: Chris Bayne

2nd: Hamish Maguire

3rd: James Parker

Mens Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Alasdair Macleod

Ladies Toned Figure:

1st: Nicole Montgomery

2nd: Daryl Mckeating

3rd: Zoe Miller

4th: Amy Ledger

Ladies Athletic Figure:

1st: Louise Cooper

2nd: Caitlin Smith

3rd: Lucy Taylor

4th: Pamela Mccaig

5th: Ashleigh Wright

Ladies Trained Figure

1st: Jess Rees

2nd: Lynn Greenlees

Junior Men’s Physique:

1st: Conner Macgregor

2nd: Jason Ferguson

Masters Men’s Physique:

1st: Neil Allen

2nd: David Killick

3rd: Ross Deuchar

Men’s Physique Short:

1st: Dean Nicholson

2nd: Isaam Cherayett

3rd: Johny Benson

4th: Tyler

6th: Ryan Gibson

Men’s Physique Tall:

1st: Dylan Guthrie

2nd: Fraser Kelly

Ladies Wellness:

1st: Ivana Reale

2nd: Chloe Jackson

3rd: Ana Dragu

Ladies Junior Bikini:

1st: Nicola Thompson

2nd: Abbie Williams

3rd: Alex Lough

4th: Kama Donald

Ladies Masters Bikini:

1st: Denis O Donovan

2nd: Rachelanne Hillan

3rd: Michelle Scott

NABBA Scotland, April 13, 2024 results [INCOMPLETE – Full results requested from NABBA]:

Overall winners

Men's bodybuilding: Neil Binnington

Ladies Figure: Layla Allen

Men's Over 45 bodybuilding

1st: Neil Binnington

Men's Sport Shorts Open

1st: Dean Nicholson

Classic Physique

1st: Dean Nicholson

Ladies Trained Figure

1st: Layla Allen

PCA Saxon Classic, April 7, 2024 results:

Men's Bodybuilding Overall: Ryan Gomes

Ladies Figure Overall: Maxine McQuillan

Men’s Physique Overall: Adam Nugent

Ladies Bikini Overall: Hollie Mansfield

Men’s Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Johnny Reid

Men’s Bodybuilding Medium

1st: William Oldhams-Good

2nd: David Cray

Men’s Bodybuilding Short

1st: Ryan Gomes

2nd: Sam Hardwick

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50s:

1st: Tony Obyrne

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40s:

1st: Marc Davis

Classic Bodybuilding Tall

1st: Lewis Emmanuell

2nd: Thomas Rhodes

3rd: Lewis Barker

Classic Bodybuilding Short:

1st: Derek Guo

2nd: Riz Hussain

3rd: Anthony Barton

4th: Thomas Jones

Novice Bodybuilding:

1st: Neil Rennie

2nd: James Cooke

3rd: Dan White

4th: Jamie L Hearfield

Junior Bodybuilding:

1st: Elliot Minnett

2nd: James Galloway

Men’s Physique Tall:

1st: Matthew Coney

2nd: Dan Holbrook

3rd: Scott Morgan

Men’s Physique Short:

1st: Prince Affui

2nd: Carl Drabble

Masters Men’s Physique

1st: Adam Nugent

2nd: Dharm Singh

3rd: Emyr Jones

Junior Men’s Physique:

1st: Will Matthias

2nd: Sabin

Ladies Trained Figure:

1st: Maxine McQuillan

Ladies Athletic Figure:

1st: Terri Barrett

Ladies Toned Figure:

1st: Carey Hubbard

Ladies Bikini Tall

1st: Sara Hotchkiss

2nd: Ellie Skidmore

Ladies Bikini Short

1st: Karoline Lo Thong

2nd: Beatrice Benson

3rd: Paula Fabeni Borges

Ladies Masters Bikini (over 35):

1st: Denise O Donovan

2nd: Katarina Fikke

Ladies Junior Bikini:

1st: Viktoria Palusova

2nd: Chloe Bailey

Ladies Wellness:

1st: Hollie Mansfield

2nd: Lorena Lewins

IBFA Granite City, April 7, 2024 results:

Overall Winners
Zoe miller
Chris Bayne

2Bros Ben Weider Classic, April 6, 2024 results:

Overall Open bodybuilding: George Lukas Behringer [wins IFBB pro card]

Overall Classic bodybuilding: Brandon Hinton [wins IFBB pro card]

2024 NPC Worldwide 10X Athletic Ben Weider Pro Qualifier - Final Placings with Overalls

PCA First Timers, March 30, 2024 results:

Overall bodybuilding champion: Thomas Jake Rhodes

Overall figure champion: Nicole Montgomery

Overall men's physique champion: Samuel Kemp

Overall bikini champion: Viktoria Palusova

Mixed Disability:

1st: Zach A H Chapman

Junior Bodybuilding:

1st: Thomas Jake Rhodes

2nd: Daniel Talabi

3rd: Patrick Buxton

4th: Ross Nicolson

5th: Emir Kis

Classic Bodybuilding Tall:

1st: Lewis Barker

Men’s Bodybuilding Short:

1st: Danny Noble

Men’s Bodybuilding Medium:

1st: Alex P Newnham

2nd: Zubair Awan

3rd: Alexander Lewis Jay

4th: Quaid Shah

Men’s Bodybuilding tall

1st: Joe Appleby

2nd: Martin Nettleship

Masters Bodybuilding Over 40s:

1st: James Barnes (above)

2nd: Naresh Naresh

Masters Bodybuilding Over 50s:

1st: Sean A Scanton

2nd: Craig Dockerill

Ladies Toned Figure:

1st: Nicole Montgomery

2nd: Hayley Marks

Ladies Athletic Figure

1st: Deborah Cowell

2nd: Caitlin Smith

3rd: Samantha Wilson

Ladies Trained Figure:

1st place: Kimberley Higgins (above)

Junior Men’s Physique:

1st: Adam Loftus

2nd: Ponprasad Ragavan

3rd: Sabin Hodzic

4th: Jason Ferguson

Masters Men’s Physique:

1st: Stuart Cassidy

2nd: Lee Clarke

3rd: Emyr Jones

4th: Lee Shott

5th: Adam Hasley

6th: Andrew Mills

Men’s Physique Tall:

1st: Andrew Horne

2nd: Baz Brown

3rd: Matthew McCabe

4th: Christian Abi-Farah

Men’s Physique Short:

1st: Samuel Kemp

2nd: Ioan Jones

3rd: Matthew Cranfield

4th: Matheus

Ladies Wellness:

1st: Isabel Gothard

2nd: Jamie Louise Loader

3rd: Lauren Charlotte Hill

4th: Rachael Turrell

Junior Bikini:

1st: Viktoria Palusova

2nd: Chloe Bailey

3rd: Megan Jackson

4th: Libby Pierce

Ladies Bikini Short 

1st: Tamsin Johnson

2nd: Natalie Duncan

Ladies Bikini Tall:

1st: Abi Griffiths

2nd: Ashton Alderson

3rd: Rebecca Spalding

Ladies Masters Bikini:

1st: Elizabeth Nield

2nd: Katarina Fikke

3rd: Rebecca Spalding

2Bros Kingdom Classic, March 23, 2024:

Men's Overall: Nathaniel Heckles

Classic Physique: Brandon Hinton

Men's Bodybuilding

True Novice

1: Kevin Bite


1: Samuel Goodrich

2: Kameron Mechen-Smith

3: Neil Rennie

4: Sam Hardwick

5: Andrew Eldred


1: Joseph Beech

Masters Over 35

1: Matthew Tofton

Masters Over 40

1: Nader Zareinoor

2: Thomas Evans


1: Umesh Rai

2: Antonny Cordeiro

3: Sam Hardwick


1: Nader Zareinoor

2: Kameron Mechen-Smith

3: Sirtaj Rahman


1: Aurimas Rimkevicius

2: Ryan Turner

3: Adam Edwards


1: Nathaniel Heckels

2: Tom Hemming

3: Josh Dougall

4: Jack Jokes

5: Thomas Evans

6: Fabio Oliveira

7: Andrew Eldred

Men's Classic Physique True Novice

1: Daniel Williams

2: Rodrigo Quintao

3: Hugo Aniceto

Men's Classic Physique Novice

1: Jess Conway

2: Rodrigo Quintao

Men's Classic Physique Junior

1: Mamadou Traore

Men's Classic Physique Masters Over 35

1: Richard Brooks

2: Hugo Aniceto

Men's Classic Physique Masters Over 40

1: Hamed Jamaranian

NS: Stefan-Teodor Popa

Men's Classic Physique Masters Over 45

1: Victor Hills

2: Hamed Jamaranian

Men's Classic Physique Open Class A

1: Justinas Uzonvanne

2: Richie Armstrong

3: Rodrigo Quintao

Men's Classic Physique Open Class B

1: Connor Page

2: Tom Whalley

3: Derek Guo

4: Jess Conway

Men's Classic Physique Open Class C

1: Brandon Hinton

2: Daniel Williams

3: Victor Hills

NS: Stefan-Teodor Popa

Men's Classic Physique Open Class D

1: Joe Ballinger

2: Charlie Bowen

3: Llion Evans

4: Xander Dale

5: Richard Brooks

Men's Physique Novice A

1: Mohammed Aljahdaliy

2: Brandon Lewis

3: Hamza Guizani

4: Loris Biondo

Men's Physique Novice B

1: Louis Rennocks

2: Marcin Czech

3: Hamza Lawal

Men's Physique Junior

1: Alex Matsukatov

Men's Physique Masters Over 35

1: Simon Chandler

2: Louis Rennocks

Men's Physique Masters Over 40

1: Mohammed Aljahdaliy

2: Geraint Kettley

Men's Physique Open Class A

1: Pierce Johnston

2: Alex Woods

3: Adam Nugent

4: Mohammed Aljahdaliy

5: Loris Biondo

Men's Physique Open Class B

1: Gerrard Igbinosun

2: Matt Lemay

3: Ben Fok

4: Brandon Lewis

Men's Physique Open Class D

1: Michael Kent

2: Dwayne Latinwo

3: Andre Henry

4: Marcus Privett

5: Alex Roberts

6: Matthew Coney

7: Marcin Czech

Men's Physique Open Class E

1: Zak Koracevic

Men's Physique Open Class F

1: Daniel Pollard

2: Simon Chandler

3: Louis Rennocks

Women's Physique Open Class B

1: Aneta Heluszka

Women's Physique Open Class C

1: Agnieszka Kowanska

Women's Figure Novice

1: Terri Barrett

Women's Figure Masters Over 35

1: Charlotte Fairbairn

Women's Figure Masters Over 45

1: Chantel Mason

2: Terri Barrett

Women's Figure Open Class A

1: Elizabeth Ryder

Women's Figure Open Class B

1: Lauren Martin

Women's Figure Open Class C

1: Chantel Mason

2: Terri Barrett

Women's Figure Open Class D

1: Charlotte Fairbairn

Women's Wellness Masters Over 35

1: Sophie Neuman

Women's Wellness Masters Over 40

1: Penny Davies

Women's Wellness Open Class B

1: Sophie Clay

2: Penny Davies

Women's Wellness Open Class D

1: Sophie Neuman

Women's Bikini True Novice

1: Katie Kennedy

2: Annabel Hotchkiss

3: Amberlie Baker

4: Beth Phillips

5: Claire Brookfield

6: Ellie Skidmore

7: Jazlynn Eve Collinette

Women's Bikini Novice A

1: Kerry Bullock

2: Beatrice Benson

3: Shannon Van Rij

4: Jazlynn Eve Collinette

Women's Bikini Novice B

1: Beth Phillips

2: Jess Gilbert

3: Lois Howard

Women's Bikini Junior

1: Katie Kennedy

2: Yasmin Hasan

Women's Bikini Masters Over 35

1: Alexandra Underdown

2: Sophie Barkes

3: Lois Howard

Women's Bikini Masters Over 40

1: Claire Brookfield

Women's Bikini Open Class A

1: Deimante Liubsyte

2: Kerry Bullock

Women's Bikini Open Class B

1: Georgia Parker

2: Melanie Wilkinson

Women's Bikini Open Class C

1: Anya Limbert

Women's Bikini Open Class D

1: Lauren Dexter

2: Alexandra Underdown

Women's Bikini Open Class E

1: Sophie Davis

2: Dovile Naumenkaite

3: Shannon Van Rij

4: Amberlie Baker

Women's Bikini Open Class F

1: Katie Kennedy

2: Ruth Farrer

3: Annabel Hotchkiss

Women's Bikini Open Class G

1: Sara Trojanowska

2: Jennifer Hayes

3: April Mann

4: Claire Brookfield

Women's Bikini Open Class H

1: Vaida Sleziene

2: Harriet Churchill

3: Tanya Lennan

4: Jade Bishop

5: Becky West

6: Ellie Skidmore

NABBA results: Some area reps have replied to requests for results, while others have not. will try to update results where possible.

UKBFF have not replied to requests to provide results from their shows.

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