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NABBA to discuss Universe controversy

November 14, 2023

Row over 'pros' winning amateur show rumbles on with growing calls for entry-fee refunds

NABBA are to discuss what could be done to solve the anger at their decision to allow ‘pros’ to compete at the amateur Mr and Miss Universe competition.

Frustration at the federation’s decision to relax the rules over their ‘definition of a professional’ continue into a third week, with many athletes refusing to let the issue be swept under the carpet.

And NABBA are now set to debate the issue at their next committee meeting, the date of which has yet to be set.

MuscleMatters have also been contacted by several athletes expressing their anger at having “spent hundreds” in preparation for the event, saying they had no knowledge that they would be up against professional athletes, which meant their chances of victory were severely diminished.

NABBA says the federation updated the official website following the decision, which was made at a meeting in June, stating that ‘pro’ status would be relaxed for this year while they did not run any specific pro shows.

But athletes are arguing that they were not contacted directly about such a change and see no reason why they should not have been, considering NABBA contacted some competitors once they achieved pro status in other federations to inform them that they could not compete in forthcoming NABBA events.

MuscleMatters have suggested to athletes that they email NABBA directly with their concerns, stating how much money they had spent preparing and whether they knew prior to competing that the rules had been changed.

NABBA can be contacted here: val@nabba.co.uk

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