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I was told I might never walk again after leg press injury

December 18, 2023

How Class One bodybuilder's leg press injury turned him from big and powerful, to helpless and fragile, after NHS told him scan showed no damage when in fact it was so severe it could have changed his life for ever...

AT the beginning of this video, you will see footage of Eddie Sykes' leg press injury which he suffered in May 2020. This has been reproduced with Eddie's permission and can also be seen alongside his explanation on his YouTube channel here.

In just three years he has experienced the depths of despair after being abandoned by the NHS. He spent thousands on private surgery to avoid permanent life-changing damage to his body. And he suffered with subsequent mental health issues.

But last September he achieved the seemingly impossible – returning to the stage to win the NABBA Mr England and finish runner up at the NABBA Mr Universe.

And now Sykes has revealed how he trains those legs after such a horror leg press injury.

We urge you to listen to this incredible journey from one of the most charismatic people in bodybuilding:

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