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How to structure your leg training routine after breaking your pelvis

February 23, 2024

Class 1 bodybuilder Eddie Sykes details his quad workout after being forced to change the way he trains following horrific injury on the leg press

AFTER a broken pelvis threatened to leave him unable to walk bodybuilder Eddie Sykes has shared the new leg training routine that has helped him return to the stage.

In an exclusive interview with frontdouble.com in December, Sykes detailed the extensive injuries he suffered during a 600kg leg press in 2020 and how the NHS, under pressure from the Government's Covid protocols at the time, somehow concluded that his scans showed no damage.

Sykes then paid for private healthcare, with doctors there finding, rightly, that he "needed help and needed help now" or he would struggle to ever walk again, let alone return to bodybuilding. He had broken his pelvis, severed his adductor longus and torn off his pectineus and pyramidalis.

In our December interview, Sykes detailed his incredible return from this injury to winning the NABBA Mr England last September and has now shared the leg routine he uses to ensure there is no repeat of that horrific injury.

Sykes must now use a fraction of the weight he used to lift and instead focuses purely on the movement, the squeeze, tension and pre-exhaustion work – so it is actually not possible to go as heavy as he used to.

One week his leg training routine is quad dominant, as below, with the next being hamstring focused.

His full training video will soon be available on his YouTube channel but below is a sneak preview of his revised leg training routine:


Leg extension – three working sets

1: 15-20 reps

2: Triple drop set 15 reps each

3: 20 reps with a hold

Pendulum squat

Two sets, last one a drop set

Leg press

One set, 100kg, to 100 reps


Three sets, 10-15 reps

Calf raise using leg press

Three sets, 10-15 reps

Why not try this leg workout yourself and let us know in the comments below how you got on.

Eddie Sykes is also available for coaching and his details can be found in our Directory.

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