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Global Bodybuilding Alliance has folded

May 12, 2024

GBA cancels shows for the season

THE Global Bodybuilding Alliance has folded after just one show this season.

The federation, which was headed by Matt Adams (below left) and Dr Mohammed Waqaas (below right), had promised to "revolutionise the bodybuilding industry".

But after hosting the Canarian Classic on April 20, the GBA made the decision to cancel its remaining shows. Frontdouble.com understands irreconcilable differences between the owners forced the issue.

In a letter to athletes who had registered to compete in some of the eight shows they had planned, the GBA said: "After careful consideration and extensive efforts, we have come to the difficult decision to cancel this year’s shows.

"This decision was not made lightly. It is rooted in our commitment to uphold the high standards and values that GBA stands for. Unfortunately, we have found that we are unable to meet these standards under the current circumstances.

"Ensuring that our operations align with our ethical commitments is paramount and we believe it is in the best interest of all parties to not proceed under conditions that do not meet these expectations.

"Thank you for your understanding and for the passion you bring to the sport. Your dedication deserves the best platform and we regret that we cannot provide that this year. Wishing you continued success in your future endeavours. Warm regards, Global Bodybuilding Alliance."

Frontdouble.com understands that, despite news the Global Bodybuilding Alliance has folded, it does not affect the British Physique Alliance (BPA). The GBA had agreed a collaboration for the Super Show on October 26.

In fact, the BPA are pushing ahead with grander plans, which they expect to unveil in the coming days.

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