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TICKLED PINK – How Claire Love smashed her stage debut

May 28, 2024

First Timer wins class, wins overall then appears on front cover of Beef It!

AS debuts go they do not get better than the one enjoyed by Claire Love at the NABBA South East on May 19.

Having never stepped on stage before as a competitive athlete, Love chose to throw herself in at the deep end.

There was no 'First Timers' competition on her radar. Instead, she chose to compete in the Miss Athletic Figure at the NABBA South East in Charter Hall, Colchester.

With her for support was her coach and boyfriend Danny Johnston, who tried to keep her calm backstage in the hours leading up to her debut.

Love, however, is not one for sitting twiddling her thumbs. She prefers to do things her way. And it worked.

Not only did she win her class, but she was judged as the best female in the entire show. "I was so shocked. It was mental," she said.

Not only that, but Love – complete with the overall winners' sword – appeared on the front cover of the recent edition of bodybuilding magazine Beef It!.

Love and Johnston will now be competing at the NABBA Britain finals at St George's Hall, Bradford on Saturday.


Name: Claire Love

Height: 170cm

Occupation: Owner/director The Pink Fitness Boutique. Personal Trainer. Online transformation coach. Class instructor

At what age did you start bodybuilding and why?: Roughly eight years ago after I had had my second son. I was 14 and a half stone after I had him and decided to sort my body out. I started looking at my food and doing a fitness video every day. After just over a year I got down to nine and a half stone. Started lifting weights with my brother in my garage and fell in love with it. Trained in my garage for years until I started training at body concept. With my training I always did it for myself. What I enjoyed and what I found aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

Hobbies: Love training, modelling, Eating food!! (When I can). I have a big sweet tooth! Drinking coffee, walks, theme parks

What did you look like before bodybuilding? After my second son in 2014 I was 14 and a half stone. This was before I got into bodybuilding.

Current training routine: Changed through prep a lot.

What is your off-season diet like? Same foods I eat now just more of it with some extras and weekly or every two weeks an off-plan meal.

What is your prep diet like? I prefer it very easy and basic so lots of chicken and rice

Favourite music: I love a very wide variety. Ren Chinchilla MGK Avenged sevenfold Avril Lavigne

Favourite films: Shutter Island, Insidious. I love scary movies

Favourite foods: Hh god! Chinese, Five Guys, Dominos pizza, White chocolate, Warm cookie dough, big cookies, doughnuts (All white chocolate)

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