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The BPA to invite at least 10 athletes to compete as IFBB Elite Pro

June 30, 2024

"Try before you buy" chance to compete at IFBB Elite Pro show Night of Champions

THE British Physique Alliance is offering at least 10 people the chance to compete at an IFBB Elite Pro show.

The BPA will hand out invites to the overall winners of five categories in its British Championships on September 29. And the BPA will do the same for its Super Show on October 26.

It means at least 10 athletes will get the chance to compete at IFBB Elite Pro show, Night of Champions, held in the evening of the Super Show. Both will be held at the same venue – The Thistle Hotel at Heathrow.

Athletes will get one year to decide whether to accept their invitation to compete as a pro.

The BPA president Helen O'Reilly said: "We really, really want some UK competitors in the mix. We want everyone to feel they are worthy and it's not "out of their league".

"So it's a try before you buy sort of thing. You've won it [invitation to compete as a pro ], try it, continue as a pro or go back to amateur. Then within the year decide to be a pro or continue as an amateur."

The BPA believe this opportunity is the "best of both worlds" and is a win-win situation. An athlete will experience what it is like to compete on an IFBB pro stage. They can then decide later which path to take.

Categories the BPA make eligible for this opportunity include, Bodybuilding, Masters Bodybuilding. Bikini, Mens Physique and overall ladies [other than bikini].

Prize money will also be on offer at the BPA British Finals, the BPA Super Show and Night of Champions.

The BPA British Championships takes place on September 29 and the Athena Theatre in Leicester.

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