July 3, 2024

PCA step up attempt to stop athletes who have competed before entering their First Timer events

THE PCA have decided to name and shame the athlete who broke first timer rules failing to tell them he had competed before.

Despite repeated warning from the organisation and the implementation of a signed declaration stating you are a genuine first timer, Yash Rupwani ignored of these and competed on June 30.

Initially he placed third in the Junior Men's Physique class. But he has since been stripped of this award and banned from ever competing with the PCA.

It is not the first time such an infringement has occurred. When asked by frontdouble.com on previous occasions which athletes needed to be removed from results, the PCA said: "I am afraid this is information we will not disclose. We have been in contact directly with all athletes affected."

Clearly frustrated with repeated behaviour, however, it now seems the PCA have chosen to name and shame guilty athletes.

On their social media account, the PCA said: "It has come to our attention that a participant in the PCA First Timers event on June 30, 2024 has been found to have previously competed.

"When registering online for a PCA First Timers contest, all athletes are required to complete a disclaimer and signed declaration confirming it will be their first time on stage.

"We can confirm that Yash Rupwani, initially awarded third place in the Juniors Men’s Physique category, has been disqualified and banned from all future PCA competitions.

"Any athletes whose placements were affected will be contacted to receive the appropriate trophy, medal and the recognition they rightfully deserve.

"We consistently emphasise throughout the season that we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding this matter.

"Unfortunately, it seems there will always be a small minority who enter first-timer contests dishonestly. Remember, if you cheat, you will be caught."

Frontdouble.com would like to get in touch with Rupwani – and his coach if he has one – to ask what their thinking and motivation was for competing in a first timer event.

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