December 4, 2023

What to watch during your cardio sessions

WHETHER it is passing the time doing cardio or seeking to learn more about the sport, all of us indulge in a little YouTube once in a while.

So frontdouble.com has put together its current five channels worth watching.

In no particular order:

  • Fouad Abiad. A former IFBB professional, Abiad has a great, relaxed style. Whether it is his ‘Bodybuilding and Bollocks’ show, or interviews with coaches and former pros, this channel with have you learning something new. Watch it here

  • Ginger Training. Frontdouble believes that this channel, run by bodybuilder Josh Goold, is perhaps one of the funniest channels on YouTube. Goold is pure gold. In our opinion, there is no limit on the amount of childish jokes you can squeeze in to one episode. Goold captures everything bodybuilding and is infectious with it. He is also coached by IFBB pro Sas Heirati and often gives an insight into how Sas operates. Like Goold says about himself, he is a bodybuilder in training – and a full-time ginger. Watch it here

  • Elite FTS. Dave Tate’s Table Talk is something to behold. The studio sits in the middle of his gym and offers and brilliantly relaxed setting for chats with a wealth of top-level guests. Tate is no-nonsense too, sometimes chugging on a huge cigar and exchanging wise words through plumes of smoke. Got to be on your list. See it here

  • Anabolic Bodybuilding. Paul Barnett (below) is an American masters bodybuilder, who is currently in prep for the Masters Nationals in America. He boasts what has been called by coach Justin Harris as “perhaps the best rebound in bodybuilding’ when gaining 80-plus pounds of lean weight soon after the pair started working together. Barnett’s knowledge is vast and is helped by his work with Harris – one of the finest minds in the sport. His no-nonsense style and hard-hitting guests make it definitely one to watch. You can see it here

  • 1st Detachment. This is an American supplement company owned by coach Justin Harris and Joe Miller. The pair work well together, hooking some decent names in the world of bodybuilding to interview and covering a wide range of topics and analysing them in super but easy-to-understand detail. Link: here

Next show

April 27: PCA First Timers, London

April 28: UKUP Scottish Open, WABBA Universe, Glasgow; FitX Wolverhampton; PCA First Timers Ireland, Millenium Forum, Derry


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