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How Alex Johnstone and Zoe Miller stole the show

April 24, 2024

Full report from BPA Scottish Grand Prix as aesthetics and X shape shine through

By John Plummer

SOME outstanding physiques took to the stage for the British Physique Alliance's inaugural show of the year on Sunday – with Alex Johnstone and Zoe Miller taking the top prize.

The show included £500 prizes for Johnstone and Miller, along with swords and a host ot other great prizes. 

The day showed what the BPA is all about. Promoter Harry Ogg said: “We're giving athletes the chance to compete on great stages, for excellent trophies and opportunities to compete abroad.”

The next show is the Rising Star and Masters Allstars at Brierley Hill Civic Theatre, Dudley, on May 5.


CLASSIC competitor Alex Johnstone (above left, with female winner Zoe Miller) took home the £500 overall prize as well as the trophy for best male presentation. Alex was the epitome of the classic look, from his aesthetic muscular proportions to his posing routine. He won the height-to-weight restricted classic bodybuilding class to qualify for the overall. He then claimed the overall against all the other male class winners at the end of the show.

Johnstone was not quite able to pull off a vacuum pose, however, which led to him being marked down in the classic physique class, where the ability to perform a vacuum is mandatory. That opened the door for Mark Finnegan to take the title. Mark has a wonderful structure and if he gets a bit tighter will be a major threat. 

Up to 100kg bodybuilding champion Chris Bayne had a superb muscular shape and, with a few tweaks, his physique will be a threat on a national stage. Atif Afzal’s nice taper and pecs helped him defeat Darren Sterrick in the under-80kg division.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing three competitors in the over-60s bodybuilding. It was a tough class to judge, not only for the quality of physiques but also because they brought different qualities. Runner-up Derek Wilson had the best proportions and a tight midsection. But winner James Murphy (above) was huge and vascular and took the title. 

Alex Leadbetter, who is 56, packed plenty of shapely muscle on his frame to win the over-50s. His legs were particularly good for an older competitor. The evergreen Kevin Milne yet again nailed his condition to take the over-40s ahead of the peeled Matt Henderson. Kevin really is seasoned competitor who seems to know how his body works and puts in the effort to consistently get in shape. In novice bodybuilding, Neil Kerr’s more detailed look prevailed over Darren Sterrick.

Rising star Dylan Cahill (below) was the star of the men’s physique category. Dylan ticked all the boxes — he scored highly on aesthetics, had a superb taper and was rock hard. He won the juniors unopposed then showed he could more than hold his own in the open class by winning the over 179cm class, defeating David Campbell. David Lawson’s well-conditioned torso took the under 179cm class.

Paulo Emanuel Rocha Silva became the first muscular men’s physique champion. He and Ryan Gibson both had impressive upper bodies but Paulo’s conditioning was superior in a quality contest.


NHS nurse Zoe Miller was the star of the day, winning the bodyfitness class and the overall title. She also took the best female presentation trophy for good measure. Zoe’s excellent X shape was apparent the moment she walked on stage. And the good impression lasted, even when she turned around and showed great conditioning.

Bikini champ Abbie Hammond made a strong impression, winning the open class ahead of stunning junior champion Kama Donald (below), who has a bright future. Abbie had slightly more muscular development while still belonging very much in the bikini category.

In the masters bikini categories, Lisa Fulcher’s lovely balance and proportions took the 35 to 39 age category. Lyndsay Gallacher’s tall and athletic shape won the 40 to 40 age group. Wellness winner Courtney Buchan rounded off the roster of female champions. 

Aberdeen’s Broghan Kirk (below), who has a benign brain tumour and epilepsy, won the disability class. She displayed an athletic shape with a creative routine.

The BPA also highlighted their collaboration with the Global Physique Alliance, which frontdouble.com reported on last month here.

BPA Scottish Championships full results

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