December 26, 2023

Amateur bodybuilding is on the rise and is riding the crest of a wave right now

FEDERATIONS are clambering over themselves to be the best out there and that means one thing: The athletes are the winners.

There has never been a better time to be involved in competitive bodybuilding. With the increase in federations comes with it competition. Competition for entrants; athletes who pay good money to compete. Not to mention sponsors, who also pay good money to promote their brands.

An increasing number of federations are now offering prize money or expenses as awards for class and overall winners, plus a host of other incentives to compete with them.

Trophies, with the exception of a handful of federations, are being improved year on year, with some incredible pieces on offer for those who place – for those people who put every last drop of sweat into this venture, every little detail counts.

Some bodybuilders are coming out of retirement to compete again, those people well into their 40s and 50s. And there are more and more teenagers giving it a go too. There is no other sport quite like it; few other sports can offer a competitive environment to athletes from their teens all the way into their 50s and beyond.

This is why frontdouble believes this coming year, 2024, will be the finest season yet to be a competitive bodybuilder.


DURING this season frontdouble will be highlighting as many of you athletes as possible.

Be it in-depth premium interviews, going into the real-life stories behind bodybuilders – much like we did with the brilliant Eddie Sykes – training, nutrition and health advice from those athletes frontdouble.com is working in collaboration with, or showing training footage, it is our goal to work alongside you and grow together.

Our work in progress is our directory, which we plan to build into a comprehensive bodybuilding database; a one-stop shop of all your needs – show calendar, federations and their contact details; a list of coaches you can hire, tanning services, photographers, blood analysis details and a list of mental health helplines and emails.

WATCH – Eddie Sykes interview trailer:

If you would like to share your training footage, you can email us at: info@frontdouble.com, with a brief explanation of your routine and background and we will feature you on these pages.

In addition, if you are also an online coach, for just £2.99 a month we can promote your business by listing your services and contact details in our directory. The price also includes access to all of our premium content. You see, the more finance we have behind us, the increasing number of in-depth interviews we can put together and the better the content can become.

An alternative way to be listed as a coach in our directory, if you decide that premium content is not for you, is to help us out with content itself. Frontdouble.com will thrive on hearing your stories, your philosophies and we want to share as many of them as possible with as many people as possible, thus helping both of us going forward. Again, any ideas you have please email us at: info@frontdouble.com.


SCROLLING through many forms of social media as we brainstorm for content ideas, frontdouble sees many debates on training and nutrition.

What is the best training routine; how many sets are optimal for muscle growth etc, etc.

And that is not to mention the growing number of so-called 'influencers' highlighting a specific exercise as 'the best way to build shoulders, arms, back, chest or whatever' as they somehow hope people believe they have reinvented the wheel.

But let's bring this debate here, to one central place, where we can all bounce ideas off each other. We have the frontdouble forum in the premium section, or you can comment on our posts. Failing that, as mentioned above, email us with suggestions for debate at: info@frontdouble.com.

So join the debate – here, at The home of amateur bodybuilding.

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