November 28, 2023

PCA consider Masters Pro class as NABBA announce 'Three Peak Challenge'

TWO federations announced some potential big changes to their 2024 shows this week.

The PCA asked social media followers whether they should launch a Masters Pro division, with the overwhelming response being that they should.

The PCA offer a few thousand to the top three athletes in their Pro divisions, but any Masters competitors who are awarded a Pro Card must currently compete in other classes.

In an Instagram post, the PCA wrote:

“PCA have always prided ourselves on being inclusive and accommodating, yet in recent times we are increasingly asked ‘Do PCA offer a Masters Pro Category’?
This isn’t something we have offered previously but we identify there has been a marked increase in the number of Bodybuilding & Bikini Masters athletes. As always PCA welcome open discussions and love to hear our athletes opinions.”

While the PCA were testing the water before committing to any change, NABBA did announce some concrete updates to their 2024 calendar.

They will make every area show open to all athletes from across the UK, with competitors able to enter two classes.

In addition, they are teaming up with Peak Body to offer what they call the Three Peak Challenge. This involves the NABBA Scotland, North-West and NABBA North shows, with a chance to win £100 per class and £500 per overall victory.

The shows will be judged by Peak Body and the winner of this title will have the chance of a 12-month sponsorship with the company.

There will also be an award for the best online coach, including £1000 of supplements and a villa holiday in Marbella.

Full details are expected to be announced by NABBA in the coming weeks.

Next show

April 27: PCA First Timers, London

April 28: UKUP Scottish Open, WABBA Universe, Glasgow; FitX Wolverhampton; PCA First Timers Ireland, Millenium Forum, Derry


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