April 8, 2024

"Prep was easy" says PCA Saxon champion Gomes..."now for the Universe"

NEW PCA Saxon Classic champion Ryan Gomes is targeting victory in the Universe in only his fourth competitive outing saying: "Prep was a breeze."

In only his second competition on Sunday Gomes, 29, blitzed both the bodybuilding short division and the overall with a heavily muscled physique together with decent shape.

He will certainly be one to watch at the PCA Universe on May 26.


He said: "Prep has been about 16 weeks so far but is not finished. This was an early show for me – a "warm up". The proper show will be the PCA South West on April 20.

"Prep was easy, honestly, without sounding like an arse. I've had much more important life things to deal with that occupied the mind way more.

"But I've only competed once at a first timers before this, where I also won the overall. I'm competing in two weeks at the PCA South West and, if all goes well, I plan to prep for the Universe."

If that prep is easy too, then the Universe better watch out...

Completing the overall men's line-up at the PCA Saxon Classic on Sunday was Adam Wallace, who won the Masters Men's Physique division.

In the female classes, Hollie Mansfield took the Overall Bikini title, having shone in the Ladies Wellness class. Maxine McQuillan took the Overall Trained Figure title. Full results can be found in our Directory.

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May 25: PCA Universe Qualifier, Hull

May 26: UKBFF Scottish Championships; PCA Universe, Hull; UKDFBA NBW Classic; NABBA North West, The Prince of Wales Hotel, Southport

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