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Iconic 'Prepare for Glory' show postponed until 2025

February 22, 2024

But promotor James Room confirms he could host TWO shows next year as qualifiers for a World Championship and Mr Universe

JAMES ROOM'S iconic Prepare for Glory show will not run this year but is expected to return next season – and with a twist.

In an interview with frontdouble.com last month, Room confirmed he was considering cancelling this year's event to concentrate on winning the PCA Masters Over 50 British title.

Room had also moved federations from the IBFA to the NAC last year, but a series of problems at the NAC Universe late last year led to a fall-out.

And last night he confirmed that May's Prepare for Glory show would now be postponed until 2025.

FANS MUST WAIT: James Room's Prepare for Glory show will return in 2025 – and better than ever

He said: "There are a few personal issues that need to be sorted. Plus, I also want it [the show] right for athletes and, after what happened with the NAC, it wasn't enough time to make changes with a different federation in order to move forward.

"I want to include qualification for some sort of world championship, so doing this [postponement] means that, in 2025, we have the possibility of two Prepare for Glory shows; one to qualify for a Worlds and one for a Universe."

Room also revealed in an in-depth interview with this website last month that he suffers from body dysmorphia, saying that looking at himself once he steps off stage makes him "feel sick".

He also explains how, two days prior to flying to Spain for the PCA World Championship, he was rushed to hospital with "stomach pains that brought me to my knees" after suffering an extreme reaction to fibre that almost cost him his life.

And Room also details the story behind the birth of The Spartan, the nickname and persona which Room has adopted since 2015.

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