January 21, 2024

Scotland and North shows offer prize for best coach to help put federation 'back to where we should be'

NABBA area reps are bidding to bring the federation back to its former glory in the face of fierce competition.

NABBA Scotland and NABBA North are offering a holiday to Marbella for the best coach over two shows. And they will hand a year’s sponsorship by Peak Body to the best athlete. All in a bid to make NABBA more relevant.

It is understood area representatives are trying to bring NABBA back to the top given the number of rival federations.

Those two shows have enlisted one of NABBA's most decorated champions, John Citrone, who works for Peak Body supplements. He will help judge the winners of what they are calling the Twin Peak Challenge.

The Mr & Miss Scotland show on April 13, run by the 2023 Masters Over 45 Mr Universe Mark Taylor and the Mr & Miss North Britain on May 5, run by five-times Mr Universe Eddiy Ellwood, are the two competitions running the new challenge.

NEW PARTNERSHIP: Eddy Ellwood, left, and John Citrone agree on the Twin Peak Challenge

Taylor said: “We just feel that there are so many feds now. We are the original federation. We want to give back to athletes all entry fees and get us back to where we should be.

“The new breed of competitors don’t really know about us. The social media age and online coaches' influence on competitors has changed the landscape.

“So with this Peak Body Challenge, we are trying to get coaches to put their athletes into NABBA.

“Pre-Covid in Scotland, people only got ready for NABBA Scotland. But there are 11 shows in Scotland now – it’s absolutely crazy. And with the influences of coaches, athletes choose PCA and 2Bros.

“There are only probably 60 athletes in Scotland this year competing. Coaches influence their athletes to pick two to three shows tops. We [NABBA] need to be relevant. So hopefully what Eddy and myself have come up with will help.”

Luxury holiday for best coach to help make NABBA relevant

The Twin Peaks Challenge is open to all competitors and all entry fees will go into the prize fund.

Taylor said: “There will be a trophy and a holiday in a £5million villa in Marbella for the best coach.

“There will be a coaches league which will include a point system. The coach with the most points will win this prize.”

As for athletes, all class winners will receive £100 and can enter up to two classes. The overall winner of each show will also be handed £500. In addition, there is a chance to become a sponsored athlete for a year courtesy of Peak Body.

Taylor added: “From the two shows, Peak Body will decide on someone to represent their brand as an ambassador. This will include a professional photo shoot and a year’s sponsorship.”

GRAND PLANS: Mark Taylor, winning the Masters Universe, wants to make NABBA great again

Competition among federations means bodybuilding has never been stronger. There are more than 10 now offering a stage on which to compete.

This month, Tim Rosiek was appointed NABBA area rep for the North West. In what appears to be a break from tradition, he will have a support team behind him. This means he can call on a wide variety of skills and contacts to make his show also stand out.

Rosiek's team plan to be more active on social media and transparent with who will be on the judging panel. There will also be video content of reps attending gyms in order to promote the show.

Frontdouble.com is trying to obtain placing results from NABBA – and other federations – to list as on our bodybuilding directory.

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