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Rikki Varney set to return better than ever

March 13, 2024

PCA Mr Britain and NABBA Mr England overall champion fires warning shot as he plans October return to stage

RIKKI VARNEY has revealed details of what he calls "his most structured off-season ever" as he plans a return to the stage this October.

Varney brushed aside most people last season when winning overall titles at the PCA Britain and NABBA England.

He brought razor-sharp conditioning that others simply could not match, beating much bigger men in the process.

Now he has added more beef to his 5ft 8in frame, with coach Joe Jeffery saying 'the best is yet to come'.

In an instagram post on Tuesday, Varney said: "Weight is creeping up nicely and I’m sitting at 227lbs today. Had a couple of bouts of feeling under the weather over the past three weeks. But I used the time to rest and pull back. On the positive side, my joints are finally feeling good for a change.

"Prep is getting closer and it won’t be long until I transition into that. But for the meantime, I’m staying focused on the current phase I’m in. I’ve hit the point where appetite has lowered significantly. Now it’s about being disciplined to still hit all my planned meals regardless."

How my diet is currently set up

Varney continued: "My macros are currently at:

Pro - 285g
Cho - 750g
Fats - 70g
Calories - 4770

"Plus I have an off-plan meal per week. I’ve not been too bothered about this recently and it’s generally been steak and chips or a Pepe’s. Then some KFC cookies for pudding. So nothing over the top.

"This is the most structured I’ve been in an off-season. I’ve still progressed well in the past with a very laid-back approach. So I’m expecting some significant changes when I compete in October. I just need to keep ticking the boxes and trying my best day in day out. I do believe I will be much improved this year."

And speaking with frontdouble.com, Varney sounded a warning to rivals thinking they can get one better on him this time.

He said: "What I have in mind in October is a 2bros regional and 2bros British. I would also like to do a show abroad and experience that.

"This is the first structured off-season I’ve had. Even with Justin Harris [previous coach] I would drop off and do my own thing [in the off-season] and hit him up for prep. But I’ve been checking in every week with Joe staying accountable and it’s really paying off.

"So hopefully I’ll have a good showing in the heavyweights. It’s going to be near impossible to top 2023 but I’m not done yet. I’ve still got a goal or two to try and accomplish before I’m done."

Watch this space. Varney was polished and then some in 2023, so frontdouble.com cannot wait to see the physique he displays come October.

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