Adam Wilton Hickey

Mr Class 3Mr class short under 170.6 (5.6ft)
Height 170cm
Off season weight I’m usually 200lb but never done a bodybuilding “off season” so to speak
Last stage weight 190lb
Competition history 2014: NABBA juniors, 1st; NABBA North West, 4th; NABBA Britain, 4th; NABBA Worlds Junior categories; 2024: NABBA North west Class 3, 1st and Overall; NABBA Britain Class 3 and Overall; Fit Xpo Manchester, Class and Cverall winner; NfmUK amateur class, pro class and Overall winner.
Coach Just myself and my brother Tony Hickey, we work great with each other and enjoy the process figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Along with help from close friends too all for the love of bodybuilding and helping each other.
Coaching In the works – keep an eye out for Team Hickey

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