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4: 2Bros JT Grand Prix, The Elgiva Theatre, Buckinghamshire

5: NABBA North, The Fed, Gateshead; NABBA Wales, The Riverfront Theatre, Newport; PCA North West Qualifier, Middlesborough; FMC Muscleworks Classic, Waltham Abbey; NFMUK North East Qualifier; BPA Masters Allstars & Rising Stars, Brierley Hill Civic Halls, Dudley

11: NABBA North East, Castleford Civic Hall

12: PCA North East, Tyneside; NABBA Midlands, Brierley Hill Civic Hall, Dudley; UKUP Southern Championships, Sevenoaks, Kent

18: IBFA Mr & Miss Rhondda, Caerphilly; FIT X Expo, Manchester

19: NABBA West, BAWA Health & Leisure, Bristol; NABBA South/South East, Charter Hall, Colchester; PCA First Timers, Wolverhampton; 2Bros 10x Athletic Scottish Championships; PCA Irish Open

25: PCA Universe Qualifier, Hull

26: UKBFF Scottish Championships; PCA Universe, Hull; UKDFBA NBW Classic; NABBA North West, The Prince of Wales Hotel, Southport

Next show

July 20: 2Bros The MK Classic, The Edge Arena, Wigan; UKUP, South West, Bridgend

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